1 Click WP SEO Plugin

1-Click WP SEO  is completely operational. It is just that only you’ll have the ability to find the effects in your pages and posts, once you’re logged in as admin (your website visitors or even the search engines such as Google will not have the ability to observe the modifications). Try it right now and see for yourself how good it works! You may update later to the complete version and all of your settings will be recalled and will go “live.”

How 1-Click WP SEO was:

A few years back, I chose to take affiliate marketing and search engine optimization much more “seriously.” So, I decided to find out what I could about SEO, and then apply it on my websites.

What I understood is that SEO is easy. There are a couple of basic principles which you will need to follow along with Once I started optimizing my articles for my preferred keywords, I started getting better rankings, more visitors, more sales and more profits in my websites. Nice!

But then I also realized that I needed to do the dull optimization by hand all of the time. This is something really fundamental, I could probably outsource to someone else quite cheaply.

But then, I had a much better idea: Why not make a WordPress plugin which could do all this to me, at no cost?

So, that is exactly what I did. I had the plugin designed and began using it in my websites. My articles was now becoming perfectly optimized in the click of a button.

That is when I chose to split the plugin together with my fellow entrepreneurs. I am pleased to say that the marketplace embraced the plugin straight away.

Not just that, but my clients gave me a few tips about the best way best to enhance the plugin. I took all their opinions into account, and ultimately, 1-Click WP SEO version 4.0 was born.


Sale Page: 1clickwpseo.com




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