1 click image ranker WP Plugin

That does not have any true worth. But with a pleasant sales pitch and utilizes impressive sounding numbers to make people believe that they should purchase it. 1-Click Picture Ranker is this type of item.

Before we get in the Item details lets Have a Look at the webpage and determine exactly what the header states for this:

First of all what exactly are they speaking about? They’re speaking about if folks search Google and examine the ‘image effects’. As you can see here they’re attempting to use Googles remarkable daily viewpoints statistics to direct you into thinking that their plugin is still something worth purchasing. They claim they could ‘tap into’ those hunts, individuals that are trying to find pictures rather than sites, and somehow use this to receive your website on page 1 of the Google web search results. Yea right. Inform me if I’m somewhat cynical.

Well, in summary, it makes square pictures (boxes) using a coloured text and background inside of the picture which you could then place the interior of your blog articles. Like this:

As if somehow setting up a few generic. Its not. Actually here is your thing. Google cant even read text that’s inside of this picture. So actually its pointless. You are able to place ALT tags on a picture so Google can understand what the picture is all about but that really does nothing to get the website ranks.

Currently, there’s a strategy to get backlinks through pictures that function in this way.

3) You expect that individuals will click on the picture and wind up on your website OR that they will hot link to a picture and get you a bit of link juice.

The matter is that this goes completely against Measure 1, which will create a trendy picture. There’s nothing cool about a coloured box with one text key word in the centre. Think about the. If Im looking images for “Pumpkin Pie” the odds are I’m interested in a picture of a pie, then Im not thinking in an orange box with the phrase berry pie in it.

Aside from the fact that this plugin doesn’t offer anything of much significance it also actually isn’t needed anyhow. I mean even though there was some value from these sort of pictures how difficult is it to start out any paint application and produce a coloured box using a key word in the centre, then upload it to your site (you may assign ALT tags once you upload it). Might take all of about what . . 1 minute? Do you actually require a plugin to do so? Probably not. But that’s sort of moot anyway because I truly don’t see any worth in generic, awful pictures.

This plugin is an ideal example of something which isn’t worth much, but that’s hoping to utilize hype and remarkable sounding figures (in this instance Googles daily strike stats) for you to get.


Sale Page: 1clickimageranker.com



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